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Baton Rouge Airport Mural


Mural Inspiration

"My artistic journey is a fusion of spirituality, womanhood, and the celebration of my identity. My approach to the the Baton Rouge Airport mural was a simple concept: create a mural that would  activate one's inner child. I wanted to harness the power of color to elicit excitement and joy. In crafting this vibrant mural, my aim was to celebrate the rich culture of Baton Rouge. Through vivid colors and dynamic imagery, I sought to encapsulate the spirit, diversity, and unique stories that define this vibrant community. I wanted to create visual narratives that beckon viewers to immerse themselves in the scenes depicted.  My hope is that this mural will serve as a visual ode to the city, fostering a sense of pride and connection among its residents while inviting others to explore and appreciate the beauty of Baton Rouge's cultural mosaic."

-Ashli Ognelodh

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